VIP Membership
(Vital. Indispensible. Personalized.)

As successful as you are, we know you are highly selective when it comes to who you choose to support your life's evolution. If you are reading this right now, you are likely aware that something in your life needs to change, despite the fact that to everyone else, your life may look "perfect."

This level of service is for you if you:
• Have more than enough financial means to prioritize self-care; 
• Understand the value of a highly-skilled consultant/therapist/coach; 
• Practice living consciously; 
• Know that the quality of your life depends on you.

• You have little extra time for in-person support; 
• Your schedule does not have space for a trip to Naples, FL every time you could use some re-orienting; 
• You need access to a "lifeline" to navigate a personal dilemma, a relationship conflict, a professional decision.

If so, VIP Membership is for you.

• Three Tiers of exclusive and guaranteed weekly virtual sessions (from 1 to 3 meetings per week);
• Personalized Voxer consults with 48 turnaround time;
• Pre-launch access to all upcoming programming;
• VIP Access to weekly Office Hours with Carol.

Are you ready?

Carol will help you discover the Truth of Who You Are, so that you can create the loving relationships you dream of and the fullest life you can imagine.

Contact us below to set up an Initial Consultation and see if VIP Membership is a good fit for you.

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